We are committed to improving local neighborhoods, homes and lives.


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Residential Renovation

Many of the homes we purchase are in need of major repairs.  Our team of contractors not only makes the necessary renovations, we update the interior to provide livable spaces and affordable luxury. 

New construction

We have many new home construction projects throughout Jacksonville.  We focus on established neighborhoods and provide a beautifully constructed homes with well-designed open floor plans for accessible prices.



Often, people want to invest in real estate, but truly don't have time to search for opportunities, deal with contractors and repairs, and being a landlord.  We take the guess work out of investing by providing turn-key solutions.  

Who We Are


HWP stands for Health, Wealth and Prosperity.

It's not just our name, it's the inspiration in everything we do. Real estate is our roots but creating a movement of positive change in people's lives is our passion. We're on a journey to achieve prosperity by combining our passion, knowledge, and experience and creating the best real estate company with the best employees.


Our health is everything. Without it we have nothing. To be at the top of your game professionally, it's equally important to be at the top of your game physically. They go hand in hand and there is no ignoring this.


Creating wealth in our company is not for the sake of accumulating things, but for the impact we can have on the world. Without wealth, you can't build schools in other countries, feed and clothe needy kids, build hospitals, support local charities, etc... As a company we strive to make a huge positive impact on as many lives as we can reach. Wealth makes this possible. 


Prosperity defined is a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune. At HWP we believe good fortune isn't about luck. It's created by your thoughts, which lead to actions, that create your reality. We believe in good karma. We believe it because we live it and experience it everyday. Our world needs more positivity and good energy and it all starts within us. Create good thoughts, take massive action, and experience an amazing reality.


Renovating homes means more than just making repairs; we're adding value to homes and neighborhoods.


When you renovate a lot of homes, there are bound to be hidden problems.  No matter how thorough the inspection, there are always surprises.  Our team has dealt with foundation issues, fire damage, and severely neglected homes to create restored, livable, family spaces.


New construction provides a clean slate to create the well-designed home.


Have you ever wanted something to be completely yours?  Many of our customers feel this way about their homes.  In building new construction, you can start fresh with a clean slate.  No awkward layouts to contend with and small closets are a thing of the past.  



Investing made simple.


Creating wealth and security for the future is something we all think about.  But in order to diversify the portfolio, you need to add some real estate holdings and who has time for that?  Well, you do.  With our turn-key investment model, you can invest in real estate without the heavy lifting.  No 3:00 am calls.  No contractors.  No repairs.  It is truly real estate investing made simple.


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